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How To Make Cupcake Frosting

How To Make Cupcake Frosting

In this step by step guide, Harpreet from Crumbs! Couture Cupcakes in London shows you how to make frosting which you can use to decorate your cupcakes.


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  • 12 cupcakes
  • butter
  • icing sugar
  • milk
  • edible glitter, optional
  • food paste colouring


Put the butter into the mixing bowl of an electric mixer and blend on high speed until mixed. It's best to use butter at room temperature.

Pour in half of the icing sugar and blend until fully incorporated. Add the other half of the icing sugar and blend. Increase the mixing speed as the sugar and butter incorporate.

Add milk and blend.

Put the buttercream icing into a seperate bowl and, using a wooden skewer, add paste food colouring until the icing is completely coloured.

The buttercream icing can be applied to the cupcakes with a spatula or a piping bag. You may also like to add edible glitter or sprinkles.