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How To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer

How To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer

Flower displays provide a refreshing ambience. But equally important as the arrangement is how to make the flowers last longer in your vase and here are the tricks for that.

Hi, my name is Alexandra Lyons and I'm a master florist. I create floral displays for celebrity homes, events, weddings and special occasions. I'm going to share some tips with you on flower arranging.

We need to start off with a clean vase and the best way to clean a vase is with glass cleaner, not soaked in water, and you can use a little wire wool and this will take out any dirt you have in the vase, and then the outside, and then finish it off with some tissue. Just give it a nice clean. To make glass awesome, you need to use fresh water everyday.

Change the water in your vase, and also add flower food. Flower food is a mixture of sugar and bleach. The bleach kills the bacteria and the sugar feeds the flowers.

You get that in and you can all see it's sterilizing tablet. This all keeps the water clear. If you change this everyday, your flowers will last probably double its life cycle.

The types of flowers that you use like different levels of water. So, a gerber or a calla lily would like to be in shallow water because they're very fleshy and their stems tend to rot. You can also wire a gerber head, that may be done by the florist for you and this will keep them upright.

Woody stems like roses and hydrangeas like to have deep water and it helps the stem keep hydrated. A hydrangea, you need to dunk them in water as well and this hydrates the head. If you ever get roses and their heads have gone over, it's because there's air locked in the stem and you need to give it a long cut with a knife, like so, and place them into boiling water for a minute.

You will see the air bubbles coming out, but only an inch because that's going to kill a part of the stem, and then you plant them into deep water and that will help revive them. The shorter you cut flowers, the longer they last because they don't have to drink all the way up the stem to the head, and also the more leaves you take off, the longer the flower will last because it's not feeding the leaves. The water is not feeding the leaves; it's just going straight to the flower.

So, if you can cut your flowers everyday when you change the water, this will also help them last a bit longer. And this is how to make flowers last longer. .