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How To Make Decorative Glass Bottles

How To Make Decorative Glass Bottles

This presentation shows how to personalize wine bottles as presents with some decorative glass paints.

Hello, my name's Kevin Shenton. I'm the UK manager of Marabu Creative. We've managed to put together a range of videos showing all aspects of fabric, textile painting along with glass painting and porcelain painting.

Today, we're going to decorate, this is actually a full bottle because this is a gift for a friend and we use it on the birth of their child, we're going to decorate a bottle of champagne here with our Marabu Glass Outliner Paste. We're going to give congratulations. You can embellish this afterwards with a little piece of ribbon and individual card but the idea is they've got a perfect keepsake for the birth of their child and it could be for anything.

It could be a wine bottle that you've done, it could be anything, a wine bottle that's empty that you want to store. I'll let Chrissie go on and show you a design. Right, let's say we're adding a message of congratulations.

Again, these are quite easy because they're using the Marabu Outline Painter Pen. You can see that Chrissie's working with it. It works like a pen.

She's working freehand here, not using any design behind the back and just adding a message. You could put the name of a person, you could say happy engagement, happy 21st, and congratulations on graduating, grade A level results, great GCSE's, I nearly said all levels there and that shows my age, but great GCSE results. We are here, we are doing a congratulations message to a colleague of mine who has just have the birth of his first child.

My freehand isn't as good as Chrissie but showing quite easily how it applies using the Marabu Outline Paste. She's working horizontally as you notice because it's easier for Chrissie. The outline paste is water-based and the water-based, if you make a mistake, a wet wipe, a damp cloth, it comes off quite easily and goes on and gives a permanent effect and it's a perfect keepsake message for a loved one, for a friend, for whoever you want to pass it on to.

It makes it unique rather than just delivering something that's the same as anybody else. You've given them a personal memento that they will remember of you and will remember possibly until the child, although I'm hoping in the end they'll keep this until the child is 21 years of age or 18 in Germany where they can actually drink it. I'll let Chrissie turn that round to the camera and show congratulations. .