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How To Make Dreadlocks With Short Hair

How To Make Dreadlocks With Short Hair

Dreadlocks are not impossible on very short hair. This video will show you which tool and method to use.

My name's Lauralyn from the Braiding Lounge Academy. I'm about to show you how to start a lock on fairly short hair, okay. So, I'm going to be doing it with the crochet hook method.

Okay, when forming a lock, you want to take your section of hair. The first thing I do is I roll back and forth on the end of the section of hair. What you're actually looking for is to start some kind of a know in the bottom of the hair.

Dreadlocks is all about loose hair, broken hair and knots, okay. So once I've done that, I'm going to take my latch hook and I'm going to put in to this section of hair and I'm going to wrap it around and bring it through like so. That's from right to left.

You don't have to go up and down. The main key of using this tool is of forming a dreadlock this way is you never go up and down twice in a row or from left to right to right to left twice in a row. You also need to try not to go through the same hole that you've gone through before, okay.

So, you continue to go in and out, up and down, in and out, and up and down, and what you'll find is the lock will begin to fall and this method would take you all the way up to the base of the lock all the way to the scalp. So, I'm going to continue on, up and down, right to left, up and down. You can see that it's not off the lock, there's no longer that bottom here, it's actually getting closer up to the root, so I'm going to carry on.

This is probably a couple more turns in there because what you want to do is get the lock as close to the base as you can without it causing discomfort to your client, okay. So as you can see, that lock has been formed right up to the base. This will be a fine piece of short hair so it can be done and that lock is now permanent.

It will not unravel, it will not come out, and if you want to put a little form on it, you're quite welcome to just palm roll it in between your hand as we've shown before, and you begin to get the roll in there, okay. So there you have an instant dreadlock that's with the latch hook method. And there as you can see, we've just formed a latch hook dreadlock on to a short hair with a latch hook tool and with the latch hook method.