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How To Make Edible Playdough

How To Make Edible Playdough

With ingredients readily found in the kitchen, it is not impossible to make an edible playdough. It wouldn't be palatable though but here are the steps to make this modelling clay.

So, now I'm going to show you how to make edible playdough. Now, all playdough is, to some level, edible since you're only really using flour and salt. Having said that, the amount of salt that you put into any recipe or playdough means that while it is technically edible, it really isn't something you would want to encourage your children or especially animals to eat.

But now, we can go into the ingredients that we need. We have a cup, it really doesn't matter what size of cup, and we've got some warm water in my jar here. We've got some plain flour.

Remember it's got to be plain flour. This will involve some cooking so self-raising flour would obviously rise and then we've got some table salt, and I've got 2 parts of flour to 1 part of the salt and the cup I showed you is the measure I'm going to use for that. So, very very simple, we also need a saucepan.

As I said to you, we're going to be cooking so we just simply put the bowl of flour in, then our salt. Now, the salt is going to help to kill any germs. It will make sure that it lasts a lot lot longer and then we're going to put 2 cups of warm water, one and two, and I'm using a wooden fork.

It just stops you scratching. We start to mix this in. Don't worry too much about lumps and things like that.

You start to get that going and then we're going to heat it very gently on the oven until we get to the right consistency. Right, so we've been heating this for about 5 minutes on the low heat and as you can see, we've gone from a thin lumpy mixture into a big thick dough and it's at this point we can stop with the heating and we can put it into a bowl over here and wait for it to cool. Right, so after we've let the playdough cool down for a bit so it's cool enough to touch, you're left with this.

So we've got a nice thick consistency, not too sticky on the fingers but also quite malleable. Now, as I mentioned before, all the ingredients that we've used are, of course, edible. I can show you that.

Well, I say it's edible, it is, it's not going to kill you but I really wouldn't suggest that you eat it. It's, well, very very salty, shall we say. But there we go, how to make edible playdough. .