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How To Make Elmo Cupcakes

How To Make Elmo Cupcakes

Making cupcakes out of one of Sesame Street's most popular characters is both fun and easy. Learn how to make yummy Elmo cupcakes for you and your kids in this step by step guide.


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  • red buttercream
  • white fondant icing
  • black fondant icing
  • orange fondant icing
  • cupcakes

Step 1: Make the Fur

Use a piping bag with three nozzles in the end. Pipe the red butter cream onto the surface of the cupcake. Pull up as you squeeze to create a fur effect all over.

Step 2: Make the Rest of the Face

Roll two pieces of the white fondant into balls for the eyes, and place them at the top of the cupcake. Add black cream or decorating jell as eyeballs. Form a piece of orange fondant into an oval and add it at a slant for the nose. Form a piece of black fondant into a half-smile shape and add it as the mouth. Sprinkle some glitter to finish.