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How To Make Eucalyptus Oil

How To Make Eucalyptus Oil

An expert in organic skin care products demonstrates the correct method of making homemade eucalyptus oil, using inexpensive ingredients and common household objects.

Hi. I'm Chris Beetham from Skin Blossom, and we're an organic skincare company. All of our products are vegan, and they're super affordable, too.

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uk and I'm going to show you how to make your own products, and all very easily, and all in the comfort of your own home. I'm going to show you how to make eucalyptus oil. Now, it's an easy recipe from organic and vegan ingredients that you can get from garden centers and from health shops, too.

And all you need is half a cup of olive oil, fresh eucalyptus, a jar to make the product, and a jar to store the product. The first thing to do is harvest the eucalyptus, which is best done in the morning, when the oils are at its peak. And eucalyptus is lovely.

It's really anti-bacterial, it's got great decongestant properties, and it's very refreshing, too. Simply fill the jar with the eucalyptus, and once filled, crush the leaves to help release some of the oils. And then pour your olive oil over the top, and close the jar.

Then give it a good shake. And the next step is actually going to depend on the weather, because if it's a hot sun, you can leave the jar outside for two days, shaking every twelve hours, but for other times of the year, if you leave the jar for a month and shake it daily. And then, after this period, all you do is simply strain off the oil with a tea strainer into a jar.

And there you have your eucalyptus oil, which can be used directly onto your skin, or when you're in the bath. .