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How To Make Fabric Corsages

How To Make Fabric Corsages

This adorable unique corsage could adorn all kinds of accessories, and best of all, it uses up scraps of fabric that might otherwise be thrown away.

In this video, I'm going to show you how to make a corsage using scraps of fabrics that you have. To start off, you need a needle, some thread and scissors to cut out the fabric you want. Take the fabric scraps that you've got, with the right side of the fabric facing the table and just start by gathering your raw edges together.

You can just do it really roughly. This is just creating the shape and the size that you want and you can use some pins to actually pin it in place, just roughly to create a gathered kind of look. And to start, taking your needle and thread, just pulling it through and gathering loops of fabric, keep checking on the other side to see what kind of folds you're actually gathering, and just pulling your thread to create the shapes and gathers you will want and tucking away your raw edges.

You can see we've developed some folds by pulling the threads and working with the shape. And I can see I've got more folds I can create, so you just gather the fabrics together, pulling the thread through. Once you're done, just tie a knot to finish.

To finish your brooch, you can either use a simple brooch backing that you can get in any craft shop or online. Or you can use a safety pin, and just attach it with a needle and thread. To finish, if you like, you can add buttons or sequins and beads.

And that's how you make a corsage out of scraps of fabric. .