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How To Make Face Cream

How To Make Face Cream

Sally shows us another cosmetic we can make at home, a lovely face cream, which is great for nourishing and moisturising the skin.

Today, I'm going to be showing you how to make a face cream, a lovely moisturizing face cream. The ingredients that I've chosen to use are two different types of oils. I'm going to use avocado oil, which is rich in vitamins, your skin laps it all up, and rice bran oil, which is quite a light oil.

So, neither of these are going to leave a greasy feeling on your skin at all. We're also going to put in some water, and I've chosen rose water. Rose is very hydrating, but also smells lovely.

Now, we know that if we mix water and oils together, the two ingredients don't like each other. So we're going to emulsify it, using an emulsifying wax. That simply means it's going to allow the oil and the water to mix together, to form a cream, and stay as a cream.

We are going to melt the emulsifying wax with the oils in the small beaker, and we're going to gently heat the water in the larger beaker. For this recipe, which will make a decent-sized pot, we're going to use 12 grams of avocado oil and 12 grams of rice bran oil. 12 grams there, spot on, and another 12 grams there.

For the emulsifying wax, we're going to go with 14 grams. The emulsifying wax will also thicken the product, so if you think it looks a little bit runny initially, the emulsifying wax will soon sort that out for you. If I put in less than 14, I'd have a thinner product.

14 is the perfect consistency for this cream. Put that on the heat so that the wax melts, and I'll weigh out the water into this larger jug. I'm going to go with 50 grams of the lovely rose water.

I also could use the measurement on the side. Weighing the water allows me to be far more accurate. If I give that a little a little stir, I'll encourage the wax to melt a bit faster.

The wax has melted, the water is warm, now, we need to join the two together. Very slowly, I'm going to pour the oils and the melted wax into the water. And can you see? It's instantly going kind of milky.

Now, one other ingredient needed here, and that is energy, or agitation. If I didn't stir it, then the cream is just going to separate out, rather like a salad dressing. So I need to gently stir it, just for the next few minutes, to make sure that it doesn't want to separate.

Well, my face cream has thickened up beautifully, and I reckon that it's ready for a little bit of essential oil, and then I can get it in my jar. The essential oil I've chosen is rose bush essential oil, which has been diluted in jojoba oil. That's especially suitable for my dry skin.

I don't need too many drops, just lucky, because it's very expensive. Just eight drops in there, which is enough to help hydrate my skin, and certainly enough to give it a beautiful smell. I haven't put any preservative in this cream, I'm keeping it a 100 percent natural, which means that if I keep it in the fridge, it would probably have 6 weeks shelf life.

I aim to use it up within 6 weeks. I'll probably use it within 4. The last bit.

And then we have it, a face cream that will be beautiful to use .