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How To Make Fine Thin Hair Look Thicker

How To Make Fine Thin Hair Look Thicker

If you want to avoid the damaging effects of blow drying and the time-consuming use of rollers, here is a better way to make your fine hair look thicker. Use this back combing technique to lift that fine hair.

I'm going to show you how to make fine hair thicker. Now, there are many ways of doing this. You can use heated rollers.

You can blow dry it and put Velcro rollers in your hair. You can use hair extensions. But today, we're just going to do a very simple technique, which is called back brushing or back combing.

What you do is you just take sections, quite big sections, through the hair. Start in the back and you can use a paddle brush which I'm using today. Just back brush the hair underneath, just at the roots.

Then, you take your next section, quite a thick section, maybe about three inches. Take your middle section first and then, just back brush the underneath. Then, if you can, just simply really, just brush very lightly, the top of each section.

So, once you've back brushed all the underneath, what you can do is just use your brush and just your fingers and just really smooth the top layers down so you don't see any of the back combing underneath. And this is really important to make your hair look really nice and shiny and smooth. And that's how to make fine hair look thicker. .