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How To Make Finger Sandwiches

How To Make Finger Sandwiches

This video talks about how to make a finger sandwich

Hi I'm Darren from Cuisine-on-cue. Cuisine-on-cue is one of London's leading catering specialists. We pride ourselves for delivering fresh and quality food for in and around London.

Now we're going to show you some fresh and appetizing sandwiches. Now I'm going to show you how to make finger sandwiches. Traditional finger sandwiches come with afternoon tea without the crusts.

So for this finger sandwich I'm going to make cream cheese and chive and cucumber. So first of all you take your two slices of bread, your softened soft cream cheese and chive which is already mixed. You can use low fat or full fat cream cheese for this; spread it on both sides of the bread.

It doesn't need any salt or pepper because of the because of the fat content in the cheese. Once you've done that, you take some cucumber, layer it across one side of the sandwich and cover it with the other half and even it up so the sandwiches are even on all sides. Take off the crust on all sides.

Then you're ready to cut into fingers, normally around 4 fingers per sandwich. Take your plate and then just arrange, however you like. And that's how you make finger sandwiches.