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How To Make Fishing Nets

How To Make Fishing Nets

Dale, from the British Bushcraft School, shows you everything you need to put together a fishing net - along with methodical step-by-step instructions on how to start, size the net for different species, and how to properly finish off the net.

So, I'm going to show you how to make a fishing net. The equipment you need is some cord, you need a sizing card like this, and you need a netting needle. Now, you can buy these for about 5 pounds from the internet.

Or you can make your own like I've made this one. And then, final thing you need is a stake in the ground in which to tie your net to. But the first step you do is you need to load your string onto your netting needle and I'll show you how to do that now.

I'll start by loading the needle, basically, you need to lay your piece of cord like that on the one side, come over and hook it around that peg and then you go down up the other side while still holding that on the back and hook it around that side and then down again underneath and hook it over there. And then, you just keep repeating this until you have lots of string on your netting needle. Okay, first thing you want to do is take the end of your cord and tie a reasonably sized overhand knot.

It's got to be big enough so that your netting needle can pass through it, so, like that. Just a loop in the end of the line and then hook that over the peg in the ground. Now, this is where the sizing card is important.

It needs to be fairly thin but wider than your netting needle. The sizing card will determine the final size of the actual squares of the fishing net. So, if you're making a net to catch a specific species of fish, you need to gauge your sizing card to that species of fish.

The actual finished squares, the diagonal of them will be about the size of the width of this sizing card here. So when you've tied your loop onto your pole, you then place your sizing card underneath the line and then slide it up so that the knot is at the top. Then, hold it with your thumb, then take your netting needle, pass it upwards through this loop here, and then pull it down so it's tight around this sizing card.

Place your thumb up and then you want to come underneath the loop like this, and you see I've made a loop there that's now hanging here. I need to come up through this loop here and what I'm doing basically is tying off there. Now, you need to repeat that again.

So I'll come down and then up through that loop there. Pull it tight, put my thumb on that there, and go around the whole thing, and then up through that loop there, to lock that off. And then, I remove my sizing card.

And I should have two loops like this. So, what you need to do now is choose one of the loops; it doesn't matter which one. Take your netting needle, pull the line down around your sizing card, and then just choose one of the loops and put your netting needle through it.

Quite fiddly to start with, like this, okay. Now, once you put it through that loop, pull it up, you can see how it works like that, pull it up tight and then go around everything, like that, and then bring the knot in the backs tight and make sure the knot stops at the back of the card like that. And then, pick up the next loop, pull it through, come down so that the bottom of this loop, we've just picked up here underneath my left index finger, touches the top of the card, place my thumb on that, pinch it in place.

And this time, instead of going around all of them, you'll see that these two lines here which make up this last loop just go inside there, like that, so you've got two lines to the right. Go around and then come up through again to make your stopper knot there. And then, you do one more so you go through this loop again when you're starting your fishing nets.

You'll see what I mean in a minute when I take this off. But you always do one extra at the end and I'll show why that is, in a second, so there you go, one extra again, two lines to the right, round a piece of more string off my knitting needle, pull this back out, go up and through there, to make the stopper knot at the top. Then, I can pull out the sizing card, and what I've created there is