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How To Make Floating Bubbles

How To Make Floating Bubbles

VideoJug user KipKay shows you how to make bubbles float. This is a great science project that kids will love, so learn how to make floating bubbles with VideoJug's help.

Step 1: What You Will Need

All you need to make amazing floating bubbles is some of kid’s magic soap bubbles and some dry ice in a large container. Dry ice is basically carbon dioxide in a solid form - it’s frozen at minus 109 degrees. It doesn’t melt; it turns from a solid right to a gas, in this case carbon dioxide gas.

Step 2: Blow Bubbles Over The CO2

So, let’s blow some magic bubbles over the carbon dioxide gas and see what happens. Since the bubbles are filled with air and the soap membrane is very thin, they basically float over the carbon dioxide.

Step 3: Dispose Of The Dry Ice

That’s how you make amazing floating bubbles. When you are done with the dry ice just drop it in some water.