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How To Make Fondant Roses

How To Make Fondant Roses

It's easier to make a realistic looking rose out of fondant icing than you might think. In this Videojug tutorial, Eloise from the Gourmet Cupcake Company shows you how.


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  • fondant icing
  • paste food colouring
  • gum tragacanth


Take a plastic filing pocket, remove the edges, and open it up flat.

Add paste colouring to the fondant icing using a cocktail stick and mix until fully incorporated. Add two pinches of gum tragacanth and mix.

Roll the icing into a cylindar shape and cut into four equal pieces. Roll three pieces into marble-sized balls and roll the fourth into a longer, tube shape.

Place the four pieces inside the plastic sheet and close it over. Using your thumb, smooth the front edges of each shape until very thin. Make sure you keep the other side of the shapes thick.

Roll up the longer shaped piece. This will form the centre of the rose. Take the first circular piece (the 'petal') and place over the join. Place the second petal halfway inside the first and repeat with the third petal. Pinch the petals gently to pull them back.

Remove the excess icing at the bottom of the rose with a pair of scissors.