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How To Make Funeral Flower Arrangements

How To Make Funeral Flower Arrangements

Watch how Judith Blacklock, an author of flower arrangement books and a florist herself, make a funeral flower design out of eucalyptus, dendrobium orchids, gaylex leaves, roses and wax flower.

This is a design for a funeral. It is for the top of a coffin and it is going to be a long low design. So, what I've done is to soak a piece of foam, a piece of oasis, and place it in the center of a shallow green plastic tray and to make sure that it is secure and not going to collapse at a very non-opportune time, I'm going to take a piece of plastic tape and wrap it very firmly around the foam on the tray.

And for extra security, you can actually do on the other way as well. I'm then going to create an outline of eucalyptus, the fragrant eucalyptus and I establish the height. You don't want to go very tall with this because if it's going to go into a hearse, on a coffin, you've got to make sure that it doesn't rise too high and that it wouldn't bump the top of the hearse.

So with this lovely eucalyptus, this is eucalyptus cinerea which is one I particularly like. I'm just going for a nice tip that I can use to create the height and I'll take that nice piece here and then I'm just going to have quite a low design, clean the stems and put it in the center of the foam and then create the length and the length can be as long or as short as you want, depending on the amount of flowers that you have available, and that comes out of the side of the foam very easily like this. Then, you want one on the other side to the approximate the same length and I remove any leaves that would actually go into the foam.

You don't want it to go into the foam because it breaks and what we're trying to create now is a sort of skeleton or framework. I'm using a turntable which is an Ikea product, absolutely wonderful. I don't think it was meant for flowers, I think it was sort of meant for cakes but I use it and my recommend my students that they all get one, only a few pounds or dollars.

So, I'm creating here an oval shape. You see here, that's the shape I want to create. So, I'm going to put it back to me and then take that.

Try not to use just the tips of the eucalyptus because that's the expensive way of doing it. So there you are, you've got three stems making this oval shape and I'm going to now do exactly the same at the back. Once you've created the oval shape, that is evenly distributed right through and you've also got to be very careful that you angle stems down over the plastic container because you really don't want to see that.

I'm now going to add gaylex leaves but either leaves would work just as well and I'm going to support the structure of the eucalyptus by adding these leaves. At this point, with the second leaves in place, you can see the foam but it's not desperately obvious and it is at this point that you start adding your flowers and I'm going to be using these lovely dendrobium orchids because they've got a linear form and they're good to take the colour and the flower out of the edges of the design. So now, I'm just going to take these and place them.

Cut these orchids in two so that the colour goes through and out. Place the stem in firmly. You don't want them to drop out.

So, I'm going to take that one and I'm going to reinforce the length of which first, placing that in there. I'm just going to take that out there, it's a little awkward, and place in there. So now, I've re-established the length of the design and I like to now place a stem, beautiful flower, shape them to part and they would be quite obliging.

I'm going to take that out there and use that stem just like that and create flowers to the center. I'm going to place my last rose and there, so you've got a lovely tray of roses and orchids. And for the final flower, I've got my round form which gives focus and I've got my linear form which extends the colour to the edges, and then I'm going to use wax flower.

This is wax flower and cut that and put it into little bunches so that it's a little bit strong because it's a small flower in relation to the others and I'm going to just scatter this through to soften and just ad