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How To Make Glass Bead Bracelets

How To Make Glass Bead Bracelets

Nothing livens up your wardrobe like some great new accessories! Learn to make this great glass bead bracelet in this easy to follow step by step guide.

You Will Need

  • scissors
  • 1 mm elastic cord
  • selection of glass beads


Cut a piece of elastic long enough to go round your wrist a couple of times.

Start threading on your beads, making sure there are enough to go all the way around your wrist.

When you think it might be ready you can test it on your wrist by holding it in a loop shape and stretching it over.

When you are happy with the amount of beads, bring the ends of the cord together and tie 4 knots.

Cut off the extra cord as close as you can to the base. If you have large enough holes in your beads you can push the knot into one of the holes to hide it.