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How To Make Goop

How To Make Goop

This is a great experiment to do with the kids. Kids love goopy, gooey stuff. So, watch this video to learn a fun experiment that they can play with.

In this video I'm going to show you how to make goop. For this you will need a jug of corn flour and half a jug of water. If you want to make a smaller amount you always use double the amount of corn flour to the amount of water.

And a spoon for stirring and some food colouring. And then you just need a tray in which to make your goop. So, lets make some goop.

We need to start by colouring our water. I've got some food colouring and my water. Just need a couple of drops.

That's plenty. Now, we'll give it a stir. So, you now have got some green water for some green goop.

Then into our tray we're going to pour our corn flour. Just need to make a nice big mound in the middle. Then, we'll just make a little depression in the middle a bit like baking like that.

And we're going to add the water. Now, you only need to add a little bit to start with. And then just start mixing it together.

You'll see it's starting to go into a sort of paste. And when I've added all the water you give it a really good stir. It's quite tough going just need to persevere.

As you can see it's really starting to change its consistency now. Getting a bit more goopy. So, we've got that mixed together.

You can see it's all a weird mixture of sort of solid and liquid. Then what we should be able to do is pick up a bit. And you see it's solid.

If I open my hand it goes all goopy. So, it's hard and it's all soft. So, it's really peculiar actually when you hold it in your hand because it's like all hard and then it just disappears.

So, there you have it. That's how to make goop.