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How To Make Green Slime

How To Make Green Slime

Green is just the perfect colour for a gooey icky slime. So, here's a little experiment you can do with Mad Jack using water, PVA glue, borax and a mix of colours to make green slime.

Right, now I'm going to show you how to make green slime. So for this, we're going to need a few ingredients. We're going to begin with some PVA glue, just the standard glue that all schoolchildren use.

We're going to use an equal amount of water. Then to make it slimy, we need our special ingredient, borax, which starts as a powder, I've mixed it with some water, and then we're going to need some colour so I'm going to go with the mixture of blue and yellow to make our green, and finally a stirring stick to mix it all together. So, we get our PVA glue, mix it in with some water, and give that a quick stir just until you get a nice consistency.

Now, it really is up to you how much water. I'm using roughly equal amounts. The more water you put, the more slimy it will be.

Alright, now we've got to add the colour. So I'll take just a couple of drip of yellow and it does look orange in the bottle but don't worry about that, and then the same amount of blue, give that a good stir and we can see we've got a lovely dark green. Again, you can decide if you want more blue to make it darker.

More yellow, you'll make it lighter. And finally, we add in a good squirt of borax, we give it a stir and immediately, you can see that we're beginning to get slime. Now, you keep stirring.

Give it a good stir. Don't just prod at it and then, over time, you will notice that more and more of the liquid gets absorbed into the slime and you'll be left, after a minute or so, just with no liquid at all and a beautiful green horrible slime. We're almost there, if you see.

If you're having problems, you can add a little bit more borax that will stiffen it up a bit and here we go. So, we've got to the stage where it's all one lump and there we are, lovely green slime. .