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How To Make Hair Scrunchies

How To Make Hair Scrunchies

Video Jug brings us a great video on how to make a hair scrunchy. With detailed instructions and demonstrations. Imagine just a few pieces of ribbon, elastic and thread and you can design and make your own.

How To Make A Hair Scrunchie

Hi I'm Janie Lawson and I'm a milliner and I run the Glam Hatters Tea Parties. Today I'm going
to be showing you how to make hair accessories. In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to make
a hair scrunchie like the one I'm wearing.

You'll need a length of ribbon fifty centimetres long
and I found a nice pleated one, some shearing elastic which is like a stretchy thread and you'll
need five, cut five lengths of the shearing elastic at forty centimetres long you also need a jam
jar. Get your five lengths of shearing elastic, hold them all together, fold them in half and tie
them in a knot. Now you've got the beginning of your scrunchie.

Then you're going to open them out
and pop them around your jam jar.
Now you'll need some pins, pin the ribbon around the elastic. This is the easiest way I've found
to do it.

Around the elastic then back through the ribbon, then you're going to give it a bit of
ease and you're going to pop your pins into your ribbon here and around your elastic again back
through your ribbon and again pin through around the elastic and into the ribbon. So you're
making these little swells, you need another two of those so in through the ribbon around the
elastic. I'm not pinning through it I'm just catching the elastic at that point of the ribbon and
the last one, fold your ribbon under, pin through and go on the other side of the knot and back
through your ribbon.

So that's the beginning.
Now you're going to take your thread and you're going to use the double thread, put a knot in
the end. We're going to start stitching the ribbon in place.

Start from here and go around the
elastic so I know it's all in place, take the pins out as you go so you don't hurt your fingers.
Then I go back up to the top of the ribbon then I'll do a little stitch then go back through to
make a knot cut it off near the knot. Okay using the same piece of thread tie another knot in the
end, take your scissors and cut off the excess.

Then you're going to the next bit, I'm going
through the edge of the ribbon around the elastic so I make sure I'm going around all five pieces
of the elastic. Pull the pins out of the way, there's my second stitch going in. I'm going up to
the edge of the ribbon again doing a little stitch passing the needle through that stitch to
create a knot.

Tie off the excess and if you keep doing that to the end. Looks a bit strange but
once it's put into your hair you get this lovely ruffled scrunchy. And that's how you make a hair