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How To Make Hamster Toys

How To Make Hamster Toys

Hamster toys keep these little animals healthy and at play. These are just some of what you can do to make your own hamster toys at home.

Hi, my name's Marie. I'm the deputy manager of the Small Animal Department at Wood Green Animal Shelters. I'm going to tell you how to make hamster toys.

Providing your hamsters with lots of toys is really important. In the wild, they'd be travelling several miles during most nights, so it's important you can provide lots of enrichment where they can be clambering, climbing under tunnels and rummaging through different things as they would be doing in the wild. This will make sure your hamsters are really happy and expressing its natural behaviour.

Toys don't have to be expensive and they are easy to make yourself. So, the cheapest things to go for is save up any cardboard boxes, cereal boxes, shoeboxes and toilet rolls, and they're really easy to make different types of toys for them. So, what we've got first of all is a treat toy here for them.

What you want to do with this is have a pane of paper, get your toilet roll, you just wrap that up in there, wrap it around like a Christmas cracker, and then you can use all sorts of different natural treats in here as well. So, we've got different types of dried herbs, we've got various types of dried vegetables, and you can also use all sorts of pasta, rice and cereals but please make sure these aren't coated in different types of sugar. You could also use different types of cat treats as well but make sure you'd go for good quality ones and these will just add extra protein to their diet.

So, just place these inside, nice mixture, then fold them up, and you can just pop that in a hamster cage and they can completely shred this apart and find the toys and that's really encouraging natural behaviour and they can have hours of fun. Another one that you could do is het your cardboard box, pair of scissors, and just carefully, obviously if you are a child, make sure you have got an adult with you, but what you can do is just mark out a couple of areas and turn it into a hamster hotel or a little sleep and hide area. So, mark out a couple of areas that you want to cut and now, we've got a door and a doorstep and then you can cut these holes out.

What you can do is place some bedding in there, they can run in there and do different hides and hide the areas as well. So that way, you don't have to go out and buy houses for them. You can make them for them easily.

The last one you can go for is again, a toilet roll, and get some fruit tree wood or willow sticks. You can get aquawood from your garden, twigs, pear or cherry twigs are all fine as well. Here, we've got willow twigs.

Just place them into the toilet roll and then what you can do is get some of your dried herbs and just really stuff them in there and that will help the twigs to stay still. Then we can get some of their favourite natural treats and ensure that these are naturally healthy treats, nothing really colorful and filled with sugars. Hide them in there and that way, you can place this in the cage and the hamsters will have hours of fun chewing on them.

These types of woods are really aimed for keeping the hamsters' teeth warmed down and they'll shred this toilet roll to pieces as well. So, have lots and lots of fun but also, it's healthy for them as well. And that's how to make hamster toys.