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How To Make Honey Vodka

How To Make Honey Vodka

In this VideoJug film, expert mixologist Ali, guides you on how to make a delicious honey vodka using ingredients you can easily find in your kitchen. This honey infused vodka can be enjoyed on its own or mixed with other ingredients to make delicious cocktails.

Hi, my name's Ali from Mixology Events. We specialize in cocktail master classes for large and small groups. And I'm here today to go through some infused and flavored vodkas.

So, this is how we're going to make honey vodka. Very simply, we just need vodka and honey. Now, what we're looking to do here is not overpower the vodka with the honey.

So, it's important we only use about one part honey, ten parts vodka. Now, just pour the vodka straight on top of the honey. Now, it may take some time for the honey to dissolve so we can either stir this for a very long time, or what we can do is heat the honey up beforehand so it will mix in much easier.

Now after the honey is completely dissolved, it will stay like that. But you must consume it within two days or straight away. Okay, so that is a honey vodka and this can be used as shots or you can mix it with mint or lime to create a nice cocktail.

Works very well chilled and also at a hotter temperature as well. You could also buy honey vodka called Krupnik. This is a much cheaper version of doing that and is easily available from simple stuff that you have at home.

Now to get more of an infused type of honey vodka, what you can use is honeycomb and stick the honeycomb within the vodka and leave it for four weeks. This will give you a nice, subtler taste of honey within your vodka, and again can be used for the similar sort of cocktails and shooters. And that's how we make honey vodka. .