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How To Make Hot Process Soap

How To Make Hot Process Soap

Plush Folly brings you another quick and easy recipe to make high quality soap with hot process using real coconut, palm, olive oil, and Shea butter.

Today, I'm going to be teaching you how to make soap using the hot process method. The beauty of the hot process method is that your soap is pretty much ready to use the next day. We're going to be using caustic soda and tap water to make the first part of our soap which is called a lye.

Just to make sure I don't get burnt by any splashes, I'm going to put on my rubber gloves to protect my hands. And although I wear glasses, I'm going to put on a pair of the lovely goggles to make sure that I don't get splashed around the eye area. Here's the safety element, now we're ready to go.

The first thing I'm going to do is to weigh my water. The reason we weigh it is that one mould of water equals to one gram of water, we can be far more accurate by weighing than we can by trying to use the scale up the jug. Now, I need one hundred and seventy six (176) grams.

There's my hundred and seventy six grams of water. Now, I'm going to measure my lye, my sodium hydroxide. Yeah, exactly seventy, just going to put that one out, away with the lid firmly on.

Here comes the fun bit, this is cold water, but the sodium hydroxide is going to head it up and create a few fumes in the process. So, I always suggest that you do it in a well-ventilated room. And don't stand over the jug and breathe in the fumes.

It's not a pleasant experience. I'm stirring it just to make sure it's fully dissolved in the water. When I can't feel any crunchiness at the bottom of the jug, I know that I have created my lye solution.

You might be able to see some steam rising there, now that should not be a scary process, it's all if you do it properly. That's now ready to put to one side to cool down while I get the rest of my ingredients ready. The next stage in our process is to get our lovely oils into our sauce pan melted.

The oils we have chosen for you here are coconut oil, lovely and moisturizing coconut oil will give a big rich lava, and we all want nice bubbly soap. A hundred and twenty eight (128) grams of coconut oil into our sauce pan followed by palm oil, the palm oil adds that lovely waxy texture to your soap and creates quite a hard bar. I think that soap with palm oil is real superior soap.

Our palm oil weighs eighty five (85) grams. And then finally, for this part my favorite ingredient, shea butter. I'll be putting a small amount of shea butter because that's all you need for a really rich moisturizing soap, so whilst you're washing, the shea butter is going to be moisturizing your skin, thirty (30) grams of shea butter.

All in our sauce pan, now, we are just going to get these melted and then we can move on to the next stage. It would not take long, just a couple of minutes to get all the oils melted, the reason that I don't add olive oil into the sauce pan at beginning is that the olive oil is going to bring the temperature of our melted oils down. Here's my lye, here's my oils; let's combine the two.

I start just by adding it slowly to make sure there's no addressing action in that; no fizzing, all looks fine so I'm putting all my lye into the sauce pan. Carefully, because it is still coercive at this stage, give it a stir, now dependent on the temperature of the room temperature of the oils and the temperature of the lye to get to the next stage, it could take anything up to three days, really. But we are going to speed that process up.

Instead of me manually stirring, I am going to use a handheld blender. Going to turn it down so we start nice and gently. I think it's just about ready, now looking remarkably like custard, well, I would say, it's perfectly ready to cook.

What I'm going to do is put that back on to the cooker. A nice low heat, then just leave it stirring at every five minutes or so, probably about anything between twenty (20) and forty(40) minutes. So, I've been cooking and stirring every so often, our hot process soap, for about fifteen (15) to twenty (20) minutes.

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