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How To Make Jubilee Cupcakes

How To Make Jubilee Cupcakes

In time for the the Jubilee weekend, party planners Becky and Baillie from Theme Traders show you how to top your cupcakes with some spectacular but simple designs. They'll be a royal hit at your street party!


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  • blue icing
  • white icing
  • red icing
  • edible glitter


For a simple design, cover the cupcakes in one of the three colours of the Union Jack. Add coloured edible glitter for some sparkle.

To create a union flag topping, top the cupcake with white icing and add a blob of red icing in the centre. Draw the red icing out to the sides in the shape of the flag with a cocktail stick. Let the icing set a little before adding the blue sections with a cocktail stick.