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How To Make Kids Cupcakes

How To Make Kids Cupcakes

These cupcake frosting ideas ought to catch the attention and taste buds of children.

Hi, my name's Harpreet. I'm from a company called Crumbs Couture Cupcakes in London. Today, I'll be showing you various techniques and recipes to help you decorate cupcakes.

For more information, visit our website at cupcakeslondon dot com. I think the main thing with children is to make cupcakes as engaging as possible for them and there are so many cases that you can get such as these football ones and these Halloween ones. I've prepared some cupcakes, two of them with football cases, some of them with plain cases and this one, we got a girly pink case.

So, if you take a piping bag and attach a cone, if you invert the bag on your hand, here I'm going to be using vanilla icing which is white and also vanilla icing which is pink. So if I push the icing down and pipe a swirl onto my cupcake, then we got a pink one. And do the same with white frosting like so, just take some frosting and pipe it into the cavity and carefully pull the bag over, push the icing down and pipe onto your cupcake like so.

So now that we have our frosting on the cupcakes, quite simple children's cupcake to do is known as the creepy collie's cupcake. So, I will do that one on a plain base. Take some Smarties and M&M's, they're lovely and colorful, so very appealing for children, and pop them onto your cupcake in a row.

Make sure that if they do have any writing on them such as the M in the M&M's or anything else that you actually pop them in on the cupcakes so that the letters don't show. And then taking some black icing, pop that in a cone and actually pipe legs for your creepy collie coming outwards, and there we have a lovely colorful and cool cupcake design for children's party. Then, give your creepy collie some eyes.

Here we go and you can even pipe over the actual sweets so that he looks as though he has joints on his body. That's one design for children's cupcake. Another design which is fairly similar would be a balloon design.

So if I take one of the cupcakes I made in a football case, using some bright colored Smarties, pop them on, careful not to get any butter cream on them, so we'll have four balloons and then you literally just pipe a string coming down from each balloon. There's so much you can do with colored sweets, you can make traffic light cupcakes, here I've shown you to make a creepy collie and balloons, and now the design that you can do would be to pop on some sprinkles or colorful trajes. They're always popular.

So literally, just take some sprinkles, pop them on and they're really popular for children because they're nice and bright and colorful and very easy to eat. A lot of people don't like hard decorations on their cakes and I think that children do just like these sprinkles, so that's another design that you can do. So, keep these together.

Another design I'm going to show you involves actually cutting out some shapes and popping those onto a cupcake. So, take a little bit of icing sugar so that your icing doesn't stick to the table. Pop out onto the surface that you're working with.

It's good to have a little bit on your hands as well so that the icing doesn't stick. So if I take some bright colored icing, just green, blue, yellow and red, it's very easy to just make some decorations that you can pop on top of a cupcake, and I'm going to show you how to make some flowers and some stars. Just flatten the icing so that you're getting quite a thin layer, pop that down and take a cutter and just cut your shape out from the icing and life away the surrounding icing and pick it up and pop it to the side.

We're going to use another colour underneath, we use green. Make sure that your icing's nice and pliable. If it's a little bit hard, just warm it up between your fingers and it will be easier to flatten.

So again, flatten the icing out with your hand. You can use a rolling pin for this against a mount, that's absolutely fine. But I just find that if you're doing a small amount of colo