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How To Make Kulfi - Indian Dessert

How To Make Kulfi - Indian Dessert

Kulfi is an all time favorite Indian dessert — especially in summer! It’s a little like ice cream but Kulfi has it’s own unique flavor. Try this super simple recipe. You won’t believe how easy it is! For a detailed recipe, please click on the link: http://www.showmethecurry.com/2007/07/16/kulfi-indian-dessert/


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Step 1: You will need

  • 14oz Sweet Condensed Milk
  • 12oz Evaporated Milk
  • 16oz Heavy Whipping Cream
  • 16oz Cool Whip Topping
  • 1 pinch Saffron
  • 1 tsp Sugar
  • 1/2 cup Coarsely Ground Nuts, (cashews and almonds)

Hi! welcome to show me the curry.com.I am Hitho and I am Manuja. Today we are going to show you, how to make kulfi.You won't believe how easy this one is.Kulfi is something like ice cream but has its own unique flavour. You'll need: 1.Sweet condensed milk, 14oz 2.Evaporated milk, 12oz. 3. Heavy whipping cream, 16oz. 4.Cool whip topping , 16oz 5. Saffron, 1(big pinch). 6. Sugar, 1tsp. 7. Coarsely ground nuts,1/2 cup (cashews and almonds).

We are going to start of, by grounding saffron with a tea spoon of sugar. The corses of the sugar helps in grinding the saffron, otherwise its by itself it is very hard . It doesn't have to be a fine powder, because you want to see a little bit of strands in your Kulfi.

So, this is a very easy dish. Well,you don't believe it we pour all the ingredient into a bowl. Everything! This is heavy whipping cream, evaporated milk,condensed milk finally we can add cool whip. Now you can use a hand blender or a electric blender either way and blend it all together. We are blending and incorporating all ingredients. But I am posing like this, because the full whip is fluffy and if I over beat it then it will be a kind of fall flat.

That looks nicely mixed.Now we just add in our nuts and kesar and mix it on. Kesar is great for not only for flavour, but,it also give's a nice yellow tinge to the whole thing, it looks really nice.

Kulfi always remind's me of back home. Summer! Absolutely wonderful. There is a liitle bit of yellow in there now. As it soak's it also releases some colour to. That's it. There are couple of different ways that we can mould this kulfii. One is, if you want to get really fancy you can get nice shaped ice cube tray like this you can pour into that .

This really gives a bang as far as presentation wise.Or ,we can use lower cups,this is kind of dexy cups.Plastic is better. Because it will hold up little better. Finally ,we can use standard popcicle maker.

This is how it works.Finally ,we are going to pour them into the little cups.These are little plastic cups right.It is a perfect serving size actually.Right!You can really find them in the section ,where they usually have the small dexy cups.You are meted up the foil.

The reason we do this is,first of all it keeps the kulfi covered and we have popcicle sticks so,we stick a popsicle stick inside.It holds in place That is the whole idea.So,we can put into freezer so it freezes right.Right! depending on you freezer.Sometimes it takes atleast for 6hrs, 4, 6hrs and like I said if you do it overnight even better.

Ok! kulfi is ready to eat now.Its been in the freezer for 6hrs.Now we are going to rub it like this to warm it up.So its slightly easier.Ok! kulfi is ready to eat now.Its been in the freezer for 6hrs.Now we are going to rub it like this to warm it up.So its slightly easier.There we go.

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