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How To Make Lemon Rice

How To Make Lemon Rice

Lemon Rice is one of the many rice dishes that are an integral part of South Indian Cuisine. It is a flavorful, tangy twist to plain white rice. Some of the other varieties of rice from the South are Coconut Rice, Yogurt/Curd Rice, Sesame Rice, Tomato Rice, Tamarind Rice…only to name a few! Try this quick, easy recipe that is so visually appealing, it is sure to spruce up any kind of rice - fresh or leftover.

Step 1: Prepare The Rice

We are going to start off with our cooked rice. We’re going to add lemon juice and we’re going to add salt to it and just give it a toss. I like to do this beforehand. It’s a great way to add your salt and add your lemon juice and then taste it. And if it needs anything else, you can, you know add a little bit more to it.

One thing to mention, this is cold rice, this is leftover rice that we’re using. But if you’re making fresh rice, just put this dish. Then I suggest you let it cool down. Usually what you have to do is spread it out around on a cook baking sheet or something and just spread it out. Let it cool down before you mix it. Because otherwise, it will just break up very easily and you want to be able to see the grains of rice.

Step 2: Heat The Pan

Now, we can go ahead and get the seeds and ingredients ready.
Here we have a medium-sized agnostic pan going on medium heat right now. And we’re going to add in first our oil. We’re going to let it heat up before we’re going to add the rest of the ingredients in there.

Step 3: Add The Chilli, Mustard Seeds, Channa Daal, Peanuts And Cashews

When our oil is hot, we’re going to start with our whole dried red chilli, and we’re going to add in our mustard seeds. Now, these need to pop before you add anything else.
Then we are going to add our channa daal and then we’re going to add our peanuts.
You always add the channa daal before you add the urad daal because it is a smaller version, so it need less time to cook than the others.
And we’re going to add our cashews.
We’ll cook this until the cashews turn to light golden brown.

Step 4: Add The Rest Of The Ingredients

Now we can add the urad daal.
The urad daal tends to brown really fast so just a quick stir and I’m going to add the rest of the ingredients.
Here’s our turmeric and our asafoetida.
Now we can add in our minced ginger and green chilli.
We finally spread the curry leaves. Mix them nicely and we can add in our rice.
Get a nice mix, make sure the turmeric is in all the rice. We don’t want white patches in there.

Step 5: Cook

You don’t want to cook this rice a lot. We’re using cold rice so we’re going to let it heat through once. And if you’re using fresh rice the time you cook could even be less. And that’s it, it’s done.
Now our lemon rice is ready. So we can garnish it with some cilantro leaves and it's all done.

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