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How To Make Lip Balm

How To Make Lip Balm

Don't forget to use castor oil in making your lip balm or lip gloss because that is what is used for the shine. This video contains the steps and tips in making a natural lip balm.

Today, I'm going to show you how to make a natural lip balm. The ingredients we're using are two butters, shea butter and cocoa butter. We're also going to be using a wax and I've chosen beeswax for its wonderful softening properties.

Now, between the three of them, that would make quite a hard lip balm, so to soften it up a bit to make it easier to apply, the two oils I've chosen are jojoba oil, very nourishing and moisturizing, and castor oil which gives a lovely shine to very simple ingredients. I promise you, you can't go wrong. We are going to use equal amounts of all our ingredients but double the amount of castor oil.

Let me show you. So I'm going to go for three grams or five grams or ten grams of beeswax and then exactly the same amount of cocoa butter, so I've got three grams in the bowl, now, I want three grams of cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is an ingredient found in chocolate but this one is being cleaned so sadly it doesn't have its chocolaty smell or taste anymore.

Three grams of shea butter - it might be a bit big. Let's try, so three, three, three, three of jojoba oil and six of castor oil. You can see that this one is much thicker.

Here are our ingredients. Now, I'm going to pop this heat-proof glass beaker onto my hob and just let it melt. Well, the butters and the beeswax have melted nicely.

So, on to our last stage, I think we need a little bit of flavor in there. You can use anything like peppermint or essential oil, orange essential oil. I'm going to be opulent and put a bit of rose essential oil in there, just four or five drops is enough to give a slight flavor and a pleasant taste when you're wearing it.

That's now ready to go into our container and I'm using here a little slidy tin but any pot would do. Carefully pour that in and I'll wait for that to set. Now, as you can see, I have a little left in my container so I thought I would add some color.

The color I have here is lip safe. It's called mica and this is what everyone uses to make mineral makeup. I've chosen a beautiful pink color and I'm just going to put a spatula into my lip balm and stir it around and that becomes almost a lip gloss.

Now, that is beautiful. I'm going to put it into one of these twist up containers. Be careful how I pour it so I don't knock it over and I have enough left over to do this white one as well.

Looking good! They will take probably about 15 minutes to set. And that is how you make a lip balm and a colored lip balm as well. .