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How To Make Magic Beans

How To Make Magic Beans

A very cool trick and toy to give to your kids.

Step 1: Requirements

So I'm going to show you a very cool trick, which you can show to your kids.

You are going to need a foil, and a marble, just like this one. This is what you have to do. Take the marble, and you are going to roll it in the foil, like this, and you're going to close the edge. And then you're going to do the same with the other side. You will end up with this.

Step 2: Method

Now what we have to do, we have to take a bowl, put it inside; you're going to shake it for a couple of minutes.

Now watch. There you got it. How to call it, you can put it the Magic Bean, or...

Step 3: The Trick

They're ready to go.

Thanks for watching.