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How To Make Marzipan Animals

How To Make Marzipan Animals

Marzipan is incredibly versatile and can be cut and moulded into a variety of shapes. In this tutorial Billie from Confection Perfection shows you how make an elephant and a dog from marzipan.


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  • marzipan
  • food paste colouring
  • edible glue


First, colour the marzipan using a concentrated food paste colouring. Add a small amount of colour and knead through the paste until evenly mixed.

Marzipan Elephant

To make an elephant, use grey food paste. Break off some marzipan and knead into a smooth ball, then roll into a sausage shape. Cut a line through the top and bottom with a knife, leaving the middle third untouched. Bend this piece in the middle to form the elephant's body and shape the cut sections into legs.

For the head, roll another smooth ball. Roll down at one end with your finger to form the trunk and lift this section upwards. Use a ball tool to create eye sockets and fill with small pieces of brown or black paste.

Attach the head to the body using edible glue and support the head from below using cling film until the glue dries.

To make the ears, flatten two small pieces of marzipan with your fingers and attach to the head with edible glue. Roll out a small sausage-shaped piece for the tail, make some slits with a knife and attach with more edible glue.

Marzipan dog

Knead a piece of neutral or coloured marzipan into a smooth ball. Taper into a cone shape using your finger to form the body. To create the head, roll another piece of marzipan into a smooth ball and gently flatten with your fingers. Attach to the body using edible glue.

Take two smaller pieces of marzipan, roll and press onto the side of the body to form the legs. Add paws to the legs using a darker colour of marzipan, such as brown. Add darker coloured marzipan to the head a body to create the nose, ears, tail and patches. Indent eyes and a smile using a ball tool.