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How To Make Marzipan Decorations

How To Make Marzipan Decorations

Marzipan decorations are really simple and give you a pretty look. The expensive marzipan decorations can also be made by you. This video helps to make carrot and pencil marzipan decorations for the cake.

Hello, I'm Annabelle and I'm Billie. And we are from Confection Perfection in Maidstone based in Kent. We are experts in all aspects of cake decorating.

And today, we are going to show you about marzipan and cake decorating. This is how to make marzipan cake decorations. Marzipan is very versatile as it can be shaped well, cut and molded to make all sorts of different shapes.

The first thing you need to do is color your marzipan. You need to use a concentrated paste color, liquid color affects the consistency and make marzipan too sticky to handle. Add a small bit of color and knead it through the paste until it is evenly mixed.

Marzipan carrots are one of the most favorite decorations for people, though they're particularly well on carrot cakes. You need to use marzipan that you have colored orange, break a piece off. To stop the marzipan to becoming too sticky, use a little bit of icing sugar.

Roll the marzipan into a smooth round ball to start with. Then, with your fingers, roll, put more pressure on one end to turn it into a carrot shape. Use a little knife to make lots of horizontal lines across your carrot, it's very random they want to be quite close together, and you just work your way all over like that.

To make the carrot top, take a bit of a green marzipan and roll it and you need to roll it really quite thinly. Use icing sugar to stop it sticking and once you rolled it nice and thinly, cut a little star of a green marzipan. Place this on the top of you carrot and use a bold hold to press in the center, as you press down, it lefts the point of the star up and makes it look more like a carrot top.

And you can make lots of different sizes of carrots just by varying the size ball of paste you use and then you can place them on top of the carrot cake. To make marzipan pencils, these look really good with children's cakes. Break a piece of marzipan off, whatever color you like, and you need to knead it quite soft and you want to roll it into a sausage shape.

When you roll with your hands, it's quite hard to get it really even so you can use a smoother and roll like that and then, you get a nice even sausage shape. Trim the marzipan sausage the length that you would like for your pencil, and then just reshape the ends the way you cut the marzipan. You want a small piece of neutral color to marzipan.

Take a small ball of a neutral color paste, roll it and then with your finger, shape into a small cone shape. This, you press onto the top, like that and then break a tiny, tiny little ball of your colored paste. Roll it into a smooth and then fix that on the top and now when you fix on the top, you need to pinch it around, so that it resembles to the top of the pencil.

And that's your marzipan pencil and you can obviously make these in lots of different colors. So, that's the selection of ways of how to make decorations from marzipan. .