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How To Make Marzipan Fruits

How To Make Marzipan Fruits

Billie from Confection Perfection shows you how to make a selection of fruits in marzipan in this easy to follow tutorial.


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  • marzipan
  • food paste colourings


To create a strawberry from marzipan, colour a ball of marzipan red and roll into a ball. Narrow the ball out at one end using your fingers. Add texture and dots around the outside using a salad stick. Cut a small piece of green marzipan with a small blossom cutter to form the leaves. Stick on to the strawberry and indent with a bowl tool.

To make a marzipan orange, roll a piece of orange coloured marzipan into ball. To create texture, rub the ball on a zester or on the zesting side of a cheese grater. Attach a small piece of beige marzipan to the top using a serrated cone tool.

You can make a marzipan lemon using a roller board and some yellow marzipan.

To finish, dust some food colouring directing on to the fruits and spray with edible glaze.