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How To Make Napkin Rings

How To Make Napkin Rings

"Making a Napkin Ring" is a skill to be mastered. It is one of the attractions you can have for a perfect table setting. This video gives a demonstration in how to make a napkin ring in a simple and easy manner.

Hello, I am Phil and this is Charlie and we are from John Lewis Oxford Street, in the merchandising department. Today we are going to show you how to make a napkin. Okay, let's start off.

We have got some little bits and pieces here so we will show you from the very start. You can use absolutely any fabric you want to but we are just using colours here so they coordinate quite nicely together and make quite summery as well. So they are nice and bright, something you can maybe use for a patio party, outdoors or just something fresh and springy and summery.

Okay, it's quite simple, just go with the simple flow really. We have got lots of different ways of doing this, but Charlie's just made a simple bow so you can go to any happerdash, you'll find anything lying around the house coming quite nice. Okay, it's lovely and simple.

There you go, so we have got lots of different bits and pieces here that just coordinate with the table settings and you can do anything. So that looks quite nice and you just take it off and start again. So you can use quite literally use anything any sort of fabric - you can use hard fabric, you can use like soft fabric, but just keep it simple for people to actually follow.

And that's how you make a napkin ring.