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How To Make Paper Bags

How To Make Paper Bags

Here are some simple instructions on how to make an origami paper bag. It is a miniature version, of course.

Hi. This is how you make an origami bag. You can use a larger sheet for this if you want to make a more usable bag.

Turn the sheet or paper over and forward the two diagonals. One, open it back up and two, we're now going to forward that point to the middle and make a crease. Turn it over and repeat.

Unfold the fold you just made. We're now going to fold this line to meet that fold, like so and also going to repeat on this side. So, again, this line will meet that middle fold.

Now, we're going to fold the entire model in half. We're going to make the handle now. To make the handle, we actually have to make a cut.

And I'm just going to draw the line so you can see it. So, we're going to cut along that line. So, technically, this is not origami.

This is paragami, cut paper. So we're just going to cut along that line. There.

Open the model back up. And this triangle flap, you'll fold down onto itself and repeat on the other side and then you'll open up the bag. And you have yourself a little bag.

That was how you make an origami bag. .