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How To Make Paper Flowers

How To Make Paper Flowers

This VideoJug film teaches people who would like to have artificial flowers at home as decorations or to have them in their showcases. This film teaches how to make a tissue paper flower in simple steps and it is really easy to learn.

I am going to tell you how to make a tissue paper flower, like this. All you need are some sheets of ordinary tissue paper, some gardening wire that you can get in lots of hardware shops, and a pair of scissors. You start off with four sheets of rectangular sized tissue paper, and the size of the flower depends on the size of the tissue paper you cut.

So if you want a small flower, you need to cut a smaller rectangle, bigger, allow the rectangle, and basically which foot your paper you can fold it up, Constantia style, this is all the way to the end, there, just let it, it does not have to be perfect. Then, when you got your fan shape, you basically cut two slits, one on either side. Be very careful not to cut all the way through as your flower breaks, just put your wire in.

Then you shake your wire, cut a piece and then wrap it around your slits and then secure it in place, like this. Once you have secured in place, rather than have it up in the middle, bring it down because that sends to crack your step. Then, to make the petals, just round off each side in the similar fashion.

Bring out your fan and start moving the petals in shape and that is really important at this stage that you start from the middle, center, and you do each side one at a time, so that then your flower will form nicely together. So, just do it gently, you can see the flower shape already starts into form, okay, final bit, and that is how you make a tissue paper flower. .