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How To Make Papier Mache

How To Make Papier Mache

A delicate balloon can be transformed into a strong art form by using strips of paper loaded with adhesive. This is called papier mache. Watch this tutorial on what papier mache is all about.

Right. Hi! Now, I'm going to show you how to make papier mache. Now, for this, we're going to be using some plain flour, some warm water, we need a mixing bowl, something to mix with, I'm going to use a fork here, then we're going to need a balloon.

We're going to apply the papier mache to that and we've got a newspaper. Okay, so the first step is to take some of the plain flour and we're going to make a paste. We don't want this too thick so I'm just going to put a little bit of flour in there.

Then, we get our water, give it a good mix. Don't worry too much about any lumps. Alright, as you can see there, we might need to add a little bit more.

Get it mixing as we do it and then once we've got to the consistency of the double cream, something like that, then we know we're going to have something that will stick probably. Okay, so as you can see, it's got a kind of consistency. So, now, the next thing we need to do is to rip up a lot of newspaper.

We need thin strips, preferably. This can take a while depending on how much you want. Okay, so now that you've ripped up your newspaper, you're going to need something to apply it to.

I'm using a balloon here so I'll just blow this up. We dip our paper into the flour paste. Just get a load in there.

What's it about? Make sure both sides are coated nicely, put that to the side, alright, and then, we can start applying. So, we need lots of crossways motion, preferably. That way, your structure will be really strong.

Papier mache can actually be incredibly strong. Here you go. Now, across, now I'm not using a tablecloth.

I would suggest you do at home. This gets very drippy and messy. So, we keep going.

Now, ideally if you're doing a balloon, make a mask or something like that, you would want to probably do 3 or 4 layers completely all over the balloon in order to get a really good strong structure that you can wear and that will last. As I say, amazingly strong if you do that sort of number of layers. So, this can take a while.

So once you've completed it, you need to let it dry, making sure you're taking off any excess and you put this aside. It will take probably half a day, something like that to fully dry, but on the radiator or an airing cupboard, something like that, and you will end up with a really strong papier mache balloon. .