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How To Make Parsley, Lemon And Dill Butter

How To Make Parsley, Lemon And Dill Butter

This videojug film describes how to make parsley, lemon and butter. Follow the simple instructions given by Rob Cotton and you will be able to prepare this dish very quickly.

Hi, My name is Rob Cotton .Welcome to Leith's School of Food and Wine. We are a leading cookery school based in the Central London and Chiswick.

Not only do we run a year-long diploma course for professionals and students and chefs, we also run a range of one day, one week and evening class courses to give inspiration for further recipes and skills at home. I'm going to show you how to make Parsley, Dill and Lemon Butter. For this, you just want to use the leaves of the herbs rather than any of the stems or stock as they don't cut down very easily, so just the top leaves of the parsley and the top part of the dill as well.

It is important to cut them separately or chop them down separately because they cut down at different rates .They are a little bit, once a bit closer than the other, the dill is chopped down very quickly. So for this, a sharp large chef knife and use a cross chop action to cut it really nice and finely so it's not too coarse.

You could use curly leaf parsley if you didn't have flat leaf and as with all parsleys, make sure you wash and dry them really well, than can be a little bit gritty. Parsley, then the dill, a very fragrant herb very good with fish, takes barely any chopping down at all. As with many savoury butters, a little bit of lemon helps break through the fat and in this one, we are going to add a little bit of lemon zest just to give it a little bit more of a zest than the juice.

If you did add any juice in, you need to add half to1 teaspoon, too much liquid makes the butter too soft. A little pinch of salt, a crack of black pepper and combine the ingredients together until it's evenly distributed. Once that combine together, it's a good idea to set it up in the fridge.

To do this, wrap the butter in into cling film, form it into a small log, once it's solid, it's much easier to work with. This particular butter will work very nicely when popped out to some salmon just after you barbecued. That's how you make parsley, lemon and dill butter. .