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How To Make Pink Plasticine

How To Make Pink Plasticine

Making plasticine at home may be a job for the parents to do and for the kids to watch and wait, but your little girl will be happy with this pink end-product.

Now, I'm going to show you how to make pink plasticine. We've got our ingredients down here. We need a pink wax crayon, some neutral coloured boot polish, some petroleum jelly, some plain flour, and I'm going to be using a little cup to put it all in and because we have to mix and heat all of these ingredients together, we're going to be using a bain-marie which is boiling water and then a separate bowl placed on top into which everything will be mixed.

Right, so now that the water is boiling nicely as you can see, we're going to get our pink crayon, break it into a few pieces and you can see straightaway, it starts to melt there. We're also going to add a tablespoon of the shoe polish and we just let that melt down a bit. This bit would take a few minutes depending on how hot your water is.

I've got this in about half heat. It's a good mixture of heat without too much steam and do be careful on that, steam can be very painful if you've got your hand above it for a long time. That really does mean that this is going to be a parents-only job.

Break that up a bit to speed it up. Now, I'm also going to add, at this point, some of our petroleum jelly. We just need a good teaspoon of that as well.

There we go, just slide the whole thing off to our mixture and this helps to keep it nice and malleable later on. If you don't have it, it's just going to make a pink wax when it goes solid again and no good to anyone. So it's really melting down, you can see, all the pink crayon is gone, so we just need to get that shoe polish done, okay.

Right, well now, it's mostly done so we're actually going to add some plain flour to this and the reason for that is to counterbalance the Vaseline. Vaseline, obviously, is very sticky to your hands and so this just keeps it flexible but doesn't make it sticky so we just need to keep mixing that all around and then thicken it up. Now, we don't have to worry about lumps or anything like that.

They would just dissolve straight into the wax mixture and you can see now, everything is all melted together. So we're going to put this into a smaller pot, so very carefully, we're going to take out the bowl. Now remember, it's been in the hot water.

It's very hot so please use something to protect yourself. I'm using a towel here, I'm just going to push over. oven gloves would be fine as well.

And so, we just need a little pot. Remember from earlier, we got that. So just pour that in gently, okay.

Now, it's going to the fridge for about 15-20 minutes. Fridge or freezer doesn't make a difference and then after it's nice and set, you will have pink plasticine.