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How To Make Pink Playdough

How To Make Pink Playdough

Playdough comes in nearly all colours of the spectrum. For this video, pink playdough is made with beetroot juice instead of the usual food colouring.

Now, I'm going to show you how to make pink playdough. So now, let's look at our ingredients for our playdough. We've got some table salt, we've got some plain flour, some water, and we've got our colours over here.

Now, I'm going to be using a cup for measuring. It doesn't really matter what you use. It's all about proportions and the proportions are 1 cup of salt, 2 cups of flour, 1, 2.

Now, we use the salt just to kill our friendly germs. It's just really a preservative. Obviously, it's so salty that although it is edible, I don't think anyone would really like to try it.

And then, I've got one cup of water measured in here. Now, we need to give that a good mix. Once you get all of it nicely mixed in, we're going to have to cook it and then the coloring comes right to the end once it's all cooled down.

So, here we are. Once we've got to this consistency, don't worry about any lumps in the flour. We're going to put it on the stove on a medium heat for a few minutes until it has changed consistency.

Right, so I've taken the dough mixture from the bowl and we've put it into a saucepan. I've got it on a medium heat. We just need to stir that around.

Now, again, the cooking really does depend on how powerful you are in this and how much you're cooking, of course. But you will feel that it really starts to get thicker and thicker and quite elastic and when you get to that stage, then you'll know that you're getting somewhere. You can see this is quite porridgy.

We don't have that elastic stage yet. It should be springing back as I do that but it does suddenly turn, so don't worry if it's taking you a little while. We keep going.

I can see at the bottom, anyway, it's really starting to solidify as you can see there. Keep it going, making sure you're moving it all around. Don't let it cook on the bottom.

We're not trying to cook it. Right, so after a few minutes, we've given it a good stir and if we look down now at the saucepan, we can see we've got one lump and all we have to do with this is we have to put it aside on a chopping board in this case. I'm just going to try not to touch this too much.

Remember, it is hot. I'm going to leave that for a few minutes, about 10-15 minutes and then we can start adding colour. Right, so now that the dough has cooled down a bit, we're going to add some colour.

Now, we're going to pink and I'm actually going to use some beetroot juice for this. I just had a pack of beetroot and I've taken out some of the juice. So, I've made a little dig in the middle here.

We're going to pour some of the beetroot juice in. We're going to fold that over, try and keep that all together and then really start to knead. Get it into your hands.

I might add a little bit more just to get a better colour, okay. Now, remember, beetroot juice can stain your hands a little bit so do wear gloves if that's a problem for you. Fold it over, keep it going, mold it nicely into a good shape here.

The more you squeeze it, the better you get the colour running all the way through and I think that's about ready. There we areā€¦pink playdough. .