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How To Make Pork Chow Mein

How To Make Pork Chow Mein

This easy guide shows you how to make the much loved chow mien dish made with pork. Welcome to this wonderfully basic guide to making a pork chow mien, a much loved favorite and Chinese passion.


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  • 200 g pork shoulder
  • 2 tsp dark soy sauce
  • 2 tsp sesame oil
  • 1 pinch of sugar
  • 80 - 100 g dried egg noodles
  • 1 tbsp cooking oil
  • 1 bag of Chinese green vegetables
  • 1 handful of beansprouts

Step 1: Prepare The Noodles

Soak the egg noodles in warm water for about 5 minutes. Then leave the noodles to dry over night. Slice up a spring onion.

Step 2: Prepare The Pork Shoulder

Place the pork shoulder onto a chopping board, flatten it out nicely with your hands, and then delicately slice the steak with a sharp kitchen knife. Once the pork is nice and sliced, place each small piece together into a decently sized ramikon or small bowl.

Step 3: Marinade The Pork

Delicately drizzle some light soy sauce and some sesame oil over the pork, and add a pinch of sugar to complete the marinade. Mix all of this through, totally smothering the pork with the marinade with your fingers.

Step 4: Fry The Pork

Begin by squirting a small amount of cooking oil into the base of the wok. Now add the marinated pork only, and begin tossing that around and getting all sides nice and brown, making sure it doesn't stick to the pan. Once the pork is half-cooked, push it aside with your utensil so it is all clumped together to the side of the wok. Make sure the pork, now all gathered up to one side of the wok, is cooking and sizzling hard before you add the vegetables.

Step 5: Fry The Vegetables

Add the Chinese green vegetables to the bare side of the pan, and stir fry that up with the pork for about 2 minutes. Now shift all of this to one side, leave it to sizzle for a few moments, and then add the beansprouts to the bare side of the pan.

Step 6: Fry The Noodles

Push all of the vegetables aside and leave it there for a few moments, and then add the dry noodles, using your cooking utensil to move the noodles round and round until pretty much all of the noodles have made contact with the base of the wok.

Step 7: Sir Fry Ingredients

After a few moments of playing with the noodles, mix everything together. After about 30 seconds of mixing everything together, add the soy sauce to cover the entire mixture, and immediately you now need to simultaneously make a circular motion with your utensil whilst sifting the wok continuously, and you must do this for about another 30 seconds.

Step 8: Serve

Add 1 dash of sesame oil over the mixture, and stir/shake this in. Now, serve onto a serving plate, and garnish with a sprig of shredded spring onion.