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How To Make Potpourri

How To Make Potpourri

This video goes to show that potpourri is such a simple thing to prepare at home by yourself. You can try different flowers to make your own mixture of fragrances.

Today, I am going to show you how to make potpourri. It is a very good way of using up the petals and the flowers from your garden. But we are going to be using dried flowers.

I've got a selection of rose, lavender and beautiful little heather buds. Now, whilst they have a little bit of a scent, I want this to burst into my room and fill it with the glorious smell when you walk in. So we are going to be adding a little help, and I've got some lavender essential oil and some rose fragrance oil that I am going to add to my plant material.

Now, I have a secret ingredient here called oeris root powder and the reason that we are going to be using this is to lock the smell in. If I didn't use the oeris powder, then these would smell very nice but the smell wouldn't last for very long and after maybe a week or two, I wouldn't be able to notice the smell when I walked into the room. But the oeris powder is a fixative; it will keep hold of the smell and allow it to last for a good few months.

So I need to mix my essential and my fragrance oil with my oeris root powder. I'm going to take a spoonful of my oeris powder and just pop it into the bowl. And into the oeris powder, I will add my essential oil and my fragrance oil.

Now, this isn't going to be rubbed on the body, this is purely for the pleasure of a smell in my room. So I can decide how much I want to add. I'm going to add a full spoonful of lavender into the oeris powder and a full spoonful of the beautiful English rose, and just allow the oeris powder to absorb the smells.

That will keep my potpourri from smelling, from losing its smell. Okay, how much I add now, again, is entirely up to me, I have a couple of bowls that I want to fill. So I sprinkle my roses, give it a stir.

Looking good, smelling even better. I'm going to add some lavender. It definitely has a lavender smell, but it is not awfully strong.

So we've got the pink now tinged with the lui grey of the lavender. Now, I am going to add this rather beautiful little pink heather buds. But they don't have a smell at all, sadly.

But they make up for that in their beauty. Stir it round so that the oeris powder is completely mixed into my potpourri mixture. Now as I move it around the bowl, I can't see any traces of wetness at all.

So my essential and my fragrance oils have been absorbed by the oeris powder and by the petals. But if it was a little damp, I could spread it out on a piece of greaseproof paper and leave it to dry. But I don't believe I need to do that.

So I'm going to out mine straight into a bowl. I could fill it higher than that but I actually think that looks beautiful and it smells exquisite. The lavender and the rose work very well together and I know that because of the oeris powder, that will carry on throwing its smell through a good couple of months, three four months before it fades.

And that is how you make potpourri.