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How To Make Pretty Christmas Napkins

How To Make Pretty Christmas Napkins

How To Make Christmas Napkins - The art of napkin folding is a fun activity that can be taught to someone of any age. Luigi demonstrates how to create Christmas themed candle-shaped napkins, by folding and rolling techniques, that you can do with your children.

Hi, My name is Luigi and I am a maestro on the art of napkin folding. What we're doing today is a demonstration of a napkin that comes from my book, "Luigi's Language of Napkin Folding". We're thinking about Christmas now, and Christmas is a time where children really ought to get involved in doing something like preparing the table.

Therefore, this particular design is ideal for the children to do. Take a napkin and you fold it into a triangle. You take a section, maybe coming from a little bit below, if you like.

Then you take the bottom part and you actually go over like this, a little frame right here. Turn it over, it doesn't matter whether you're right handed or left handed obviously. Put a knife, just to hold it.

As you can see, I'm rolling this right to the end of it, and the knife prevents it from opening itself up. Then, we have this little section here that we tuck inside. When you've done this, you make it stand.

Then you take the section in here, and you just twist it around, just to create a little flame. Any sort of section goes down, as you can see, and you have got a candle. Okay, I'd like to do this again.

I made one earlier, just in case. Because this is made for the children, you roll this right to the end, tuck this inside, make it stand up. You can do this with paper napkins, however, you shouldn't have any candle if you use a paper napkin- because children are involved.

Paper napkins have the problem of falling over, if you were to open the window and there was a draft, and you'd find out that the paper napkin fell over on top of the candle.