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How To Make Public Displays Of Affection

How To Make Public Displays Of Affection

VideoJug has taken it upon itself to show you how to make public displays of affection. Learn how to be appropriately affectionate to your partner, without disgusting those around you, the VideoJug way.

Step 1: Location, location, location

There are some places you really shouldn't share your uncontrollable passion, they include:
Areas where other people can't get away, such as an aeroplane.
The office. Public areas are not for private activites- especially if you're sitting at someone else's desk.
A night out with other friends. Yes they're happy for you, but some things you just shouldn't share.
The cinema. A bit of snogging is generally acceptable, but try and keep it to the back row.
Art galleries and libraries are places of learning, not loving. Get a room!

Step 2: Body talk

As a general rule of thumb, any expression of feeling where you're not both upright is unacceptable.
However innocent what you're doing may be, doing it together, intimately, and horizontally will get the backs up of those around you.
When touching each other, think sweet and innocent; and avoid doing anything that you wouldn't want your mother to see.. Holding hands, hugging or bum grabbing are fine, anything else probably isn't.

WARNING Putting hands in the back pocket of each other jeans is one of the most sickly things you can do in public, and it should be banned on taste grounds.

Step 3: Kissing

Of course you can kiss your partner in public. Playing five sets of tonsil tennis, however, may put others off their food.
Yes, your new love is as exquisite and delicate as a rosebud, but you may be sitting next to some poor sod who's just been dumped. Be together, but not TOGETHER and try not to get in other peoples' way.