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How To Make Quicksand

How To Make Quicksand

Quicksand is a material that is very easy to make. It could be made even at home with children from very simple materials such as water, corn flour and food color.

Today, we are going to make quicksand, and this is a really simple thing to do. You can do it with the children, and it is messy and lots of fun, and not dangerous in anyway, because we are going to use only simple things. So, we will need some corn flour, and some water and some food color and a bowl.

That is all. We will put one cup of corn flour in a bowl and some food coloring. The more you put it, the darker the color will be, and because we are making quicksand, we will make it yellow because that is the sand color.

Then we need some water, and so we will put half a cup of water just to start with, and mix that around and quicksand has a very strange consistency, so when I am mixing it, you will see it does something quite strange. That is why it is quite interesting. I am just going to hold the water and mix it as much as I can.

I am trying to get as homogenous as possible. Homogenous means that it is evenly mixed and there are no lumps in it. Quicksand has a very strange texture.

It looks/appears to be a liquid, but when you apply pressure to it, it can become solid. So, it is a very strange material. So, it is a liquid.

So if I pick some of it up and handle it roughly and put pressure to it, then it is a solid and if I let go, it becomes a liquid again. It is very strange. So it is a very easy thing to make, quicksand, you can make it at home with a little corn flour and water.

It is just about getting the consistency right. And that is how to make quicksand. .