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How To Make Raspberry Vodka

How To Make Raspberry Vodka

A professional mixologist guides you through the process of making raspberry infused vodka. With minimal equipment and a bit of time, you and your guests can enjoy this flavored alcohol at your next gathering.

Hi, my name's Ali from Mixology Events. We specialize in cocktail master classes for large and small groups and I'm here today to go through some infused and flavored vodkas. Now, we're going to make raspberry infused vodka.

Very simply, all you'll need is some vodka, some raspberries, a mixing tin and some straining ingredients. What we're going to do is take our raspberries and stick them straight in our mixing tin. Because, raspberries are very soft, they break down very easily in alcohol, once left for four weeks.

So, we don't need to do anything with our raspberries apart from leave them in the vodka. Take the vodka and pour it over the top. So, if we cover this and leave in a cool, dry place for four weeks, the raspberries will break down and infuse with the vodka, leaving our raspberry infused vodka.

So, once left for four weeks, the raspberries have broken down and infused into the vodka. Now, what we need to do is remove all the pulp of the raspberries, out of the vodka, and then it will remain a raspberry infused vodka. And there we have our raspberry infused vodka. .