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How To Make Red Velvet Cake Frosting

How To Make Red Velvet Cake Frosting

Red velvet cake wouldn't be as delectable without the perfect frosting shown in this video.

We're David and David, and you're in Outsider Tart in London, an American style bakery. Today, we're going to show you some tips and tricks on frosting and finishing cakes. I'm going to show you how to make red velvet cake frosting.

So, what we have here is everything we're going to need to make a cream cheese frosting. We have caster sugar in our bowl, about a cup and a half, we have our cream cheese which is for the key ingredient, and our second fat, which in this case, I'm a big fan of mascarpone so we're using mascarpone. You can also use butter in this case but for my personal preferences, it's mascarpone.

The ratios of cream cheese to your other fat should be twice as much cream cheese as you have with your butter or, in this case, mascarpone, and also the last but not least, a little vanilla flavouring to really pull it all together. So first, we're going to put our bowl on our mixer with our caster sugar. Then, we'll add in our cream cheese in a very graceful manner.

There it goes. Get it all here. And then, our secondary fat which is our mascarpone.

Sometimes, you can also just take the bowl off the mixer but I'm being a bit lazy at this point. There we go. We have that all in.

We put our blade on and you're just going to cream these together. Now, cream cheese frosting would be a bit persnickety. Sometimes, your cream cheese will collapse on you and it will become very liquidy especially if you're having to mix it quite a bit if you're using butter.

One of the things that really works nicely and doesn't alter the flavour of your frosting is to use a squeeze of lemon juice and then the citric acid in the lemon juice re-curdles the cream cheese and actually pulls it across together very nicely. And since cream cheese already has that slightly acidic sharpness to it, you don't notice the lemon juice within your frosting. So, ours is well-creamed together now.

We're going to add a little bit of vanilla to give it some flavour and then all we're going to do is scrape this down, make sure it's all mixed and mix some more if we need to. But be very careful about over-mixing because it will separate and you will have to use the citric acid to pull them back together. So, it's a good fix if you find yourself in trouble but ideally you don't want to have to get there.

There we go. That looks great. So, here you have a cream cheese frosting.

And that's how you make red velvet cake frosting.