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How To Make Ribbon Roses

How To Make Ribbon Roses

Gift wrapping skill can be fun and add much value to any occasion while presenting a gift to someone. This short video helps you learn how to make a ribbon rose that can be used to decorate your gift.

Hi, I am Elva from Wrapology. Today, I am going to give you some tips on gift wrapping. In this video, I going to show you how to make a ribbon rose.

What I need is a wide ribbon, one side smooth and one side rough, so its not slippery, easy for it to hold. A little diamond, ribbon scissors, I have also chosen this twisted wire, it is a good wire to use because it is very fine and with lots of wrinkles making it easy to secure. You can find these and a diamond in a craft shop.

The most important part is the start, so what you need to do - fold the ribbon, fold it again, again and to put the ribbon around. Always, hold to the bottom part and what you need to do, fold it back and twist it, when you finish the folding, fold it again, twist it, fold it again. Take your wire, to secure the flower and then tighten up your rose, you can twist it inside or outside.

Cut the wire, take your diamond, put in the middle of your rose. This is how you make the ribbon rose.