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How To Make Room Darkening Curtains

How To Make Room Darkening Curtains

This VideoJug film demonstrates how to make room darkening curtains using a blackout liner to cut out outside light. The technique shown describes how to block the needle puncture marks and finish the curtains in the same way as insulated or lined curtains.

How to make room darkening curtains. They're made in exactly the same way as you would do insulated curtains or lined curtains and it all depends on whether you want to use the blackout cotton fabric which is what is darkening the room. It all depends on whether you want to use it as an inter-liner or a liner.

Now, in this case, we're using it as a liner on top of an insulated curtain. So this really is a very heavy curtain. It's not only going to keep that room very warm, but it's going to cut out sound, which insulated curtains are very good at and cut out the light which is what the blackout liner does.

Now, making it as a liner, you have to stitch it all together and give it a hem and you give it a machine hem. Now, the machine is going to puncture the membrane and therefore if you hold it up to the light, you would see some tiny little puncture marks. But you can't help that.

So when you actually put it on the curtain to stitch into place, you need that puncture line well into the hem so that the double fabric of the curtain stops any light showing through from the room side. So, place the lining as close to the edge as possible so that you get maximum darkening effect and the same along the side. It is then pinned all together.

This bit, this hem bit, is left loose and it is stitched at the edge only and it is hand-stitched all the way up the side and you use a cream colored thread to match the lining. Everything else is done in exactly the same way as you would do a lined curtain or just an interlined curtain. And that is how you make room darkening curtains. .