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How To Make Rose Water

How To Make Rose Water

Sally from Plush Folly takes you through a step-by step-guide on how to make your very own homemade rose water either using fresh or dry rose petals, resulting in a beautifully colored aromatic hydrating water that can be used for a number of purposes.

Today, I'm going to be showing you how to make rose water. Now, you can buy rose water and this rose water has been steam distilled. Now, unless you happen to have a still, it's going to be impossible for you to steam distilled your own rose water.

That's where the rose heads are plunged into boiling water and as the steam escapes, it takes with it the beautiful aroma and properties of the rose. The steam is captured and cooled down so it condenses and as it condenses, it is back to water but this time with the beautiful properties of rose floating in it. Now, we don't have that specialist equipment but there is a way you can make a homemade version of rose water.

Using either petals from the roses in your garden or dry rose petals, I'm going to use dry rose petals today. These are perhaps a little bit more concentrated so I think you get a better smelling product at the end but fresh rose petals will do as well. I'm going to make my rose infusion in my jar and I'm going to fill it with the dry rose petals instead of the fresh petals.

Try and get as much as I can in here, a tiny bit more, and I have a jug of water here that's just taken off the boil and I'm now going to pour water over my rose petals until it's just covering the top layer. I think a tiny bit more in there. I think that's pretty much as much as I'm going to get in.

Put the lid on, give it a little bit of a shake and I'm going to allow that to sit and cool. While it's doing that, the properties and the smell of the rose are going to ooze out into the water and I'm then going to use that as my rose water. Just leave that a while to cool and we should have a lovely product here now.

We're going to sieve it through a fine muslin cloth just to make sure none of the rose petals actually go into the water. There will be far less water than we started off with because the roses soak a lot of the petals up, soak a lot of the water up. Right, that's enough to be getting on with.

Of course, as soon as I've taken the lid off, the air has got in the air and the water will start to spoil, so you need to use this water up really within, well, if you can keep it in the fridge, I say within eight to ten days. Look at the beautiful colour there that it's picked up from my roses. Now, because it's rose water, the water hasn't taken the smell from the roses particularly, but it's taken the properties so this will be a lovely hydrating water.

I can put it on a pad of cotton wool and just wipe my face with it as a lovely refreshing finish after cleansing. There you are, handmade rose water and that's how to make rose water. .