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How To Make Salt Crystals

How To Make Salt Crystals

Making salt crystals is fun and easy for people of all ages with ingredients you can find right in your own home.

In this video I'm going to show you how to make salt crystals. For this you will need some salt and a spoon, a piece of paper, a lollipop stick, some cotton or thread and a glass or a jam jar and some warm water in a bowl or jug.

We need to start by dissolving our salt in our warm water.

Now I'm going to use sea salt because it creates a better crystal but you can use table salt, it doesn't matter. So we need to add this to our warm water and then we need to stir it until the salt dissolves. Once all the salt has dissolved we need to keep adding the salt until no more will dissolve.

What we want is a saturated solution so by the end you want a clear liquid with some salt left at the bottom.

Now I have a clear liquid with some salt at the bottom I need to put this in my glass or jam jar. Now we need something for our crystals to grow on so take your lollipop stick and your cotton or thread and we need to wrap it around the stick so there is a bit hanging down.

Then we need to knot it, then they need to go into the solution, then you just need to cover it and leave it for a few days and you will have a little crystal. The longer you leave it the bigger the crystal will get.

For the days you are making your crystal, if do you notice crystals are starting to form on the inside of the glass all you need to do is get a fresh glass pour the remaining solution into that new glass, top it up with some more and then put your existing crystal into that glass.

We want the crystals to grow where we want them, not on the glass. That's how you make a salt crystal.