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How To Make Scarves

How To Make Scarves

In this video, Claire Louise demonstrates how to make scarves using a sewing machine. She explains all the details and adds her tips and tricks in making a beautiful scarf out of two ordinary pieces of fabric.

In this video, I'll be showing you how to make scarves. I've cut two pieces of fabric along the width of the fabric that is as deep as I want my finished scarf to be, and I'm going to join them together. So, I'm going to put them right sides together, then I'm going to pin these two salvages, and I'm going to machine this seam in.

Once these two pieces of fabric are machined and become one really long piece of fabric, the next stage, we're going to have to do a hem all the way around the scarf, and we're going to do a very small and neat hem. So, I'll just take this to the machine and show you how to join that seam. So, this is just a regular machine I'm using.

I'm reversing at the top so my scarf doesn't unravel in the middle. Once that seam is machined, I'm then just going to press this seam open, so it's nice and flat. And then, the last stage is to hem all around the edges.

Now, if you want a really luxurious feel to your scarf, you can do this by hand – it's called rolled hem or you can make life easier with a very fine machine hem. So, with my fingers, I'm just folding over a tiny little amount of fabric and then folding it over again. If we really want this to be a very fine hem, I'm not going to pin this all the way around, I'm going to roll and machine this as I go on the machine.

And just to get started, because it's a very fine fabric, I just hold my tails to stop the very beginning of getting all caught up. And I'm just using my right thumb and forefinger to roll that little devil hem on the edge. So, we can machine like this all the way around, stopping at each corner and doing each side separately.

So, by stitching the corners separately and not trying to do it all in one go, we match them to the finish and all we do to finish off our corners is take these tails and knot them. And then, I can trim them down, and then we take our finished edge and just press that nice and flat. And that's how to make scarves. .